Social media is the worst enemy for liars

It has been a really long time after I decided to write back in this blog. To be honest, I did not have the inspiration that characterized those days of 2012 when I started it. However, I witnessed one event that actually made me go back to writing. This post will argue on how it is getting increasingly difficult to hide things from the public, because we live in a world where social media dominates our interactions for the better or for the worse. And we definitely need to take a diplomatic attitude about it.

I was about to start this post by disclosing my current location, however if I did that, I could actually prove my point wrong. I have posted too many clues about the country in which I am living in at the moment, that it is sincerely not difficult for anyone who has read my twitter timeline or has access to my facebook profile to know where I am. You might now think ‘how does this relate to anything that she said before?’, but the point is that I am living in a foreign country and this is part of the background information you should have in order for you to understand the situation that I am about to tell you.

Living in a foreign country implies meeting new people and places. However, sometimes you might not be moving all by yourself to a new place. You have certainly heard about the concept of ‘migratory waves’. Migratory waves are massive displacements of people that share a common background to the same region, country or even continent. This type of migration happens during a particular period of time because of different political, economic or even environmental reasons.

The fact is that I have moved to this country following an opportunity of studies, and as you could suspect, I have not moved to this country alone. I have found several people from my hometown city that decided to take advantage of the same chance given by our government through scholarships. And in fact, there are more than five thousand students like me that have move abroad in the last three years with the aim of pursuing their dreams. In summary, I am one of those people that take part in this 21st century migratory wave sponsored by the government in office.

Going back to the reason for this post, social media. This is a hot topic these days, isn’t it?. When I discovered Facebook back in 2007, I found it really interesting as I was, again, living in another foreign country. As I discovered social media, I also realized that private life was just becoming an old-fashioned concept.

Seriously, if you are in facebook, you definitely want the world to see what you are up to. Even people who don’t have an account are in there, how? I do not know if you have noticed but they still appear in group pictures. Unfortunately computers are not yet able to erase somebody’s face just because that person is not on the network. Therefore, even if you do not want to be there, you are.

I know what you are thinking…too many background information. Let’s go straight to the case.

I went for a movie with some friends, one of them also being part of the aforementioned migratory wave. We were lucky because we were able to meet one of the actors and two of us took an individual picture with the character. Mine was posted in Facebook like five minutes after it was taken.

The picture I uploaded

The picture I uploaded

But my surprise came next day. The other person who was with me the day before and took the picture with the celebrity as well, posted the picture a day afterwards.

Picture uploaded on the next day

Picture uploaded on the next day

The intention was clear. This person did not want to relate my picture with the post. For me, it was just a clumsy atitude and I needed to write about it, because even on the 21st century you see things that do not make sense. As I warned you before, we came in the same migratory wave to this place and we have friends in common, not just here but also back in our home country.

Let’s go to a third person timeline which is friend of both of us in Facebook. What does this individual see? A picture from the other person and a picture from me. Both pictures featuring the actor using the same clothes, at the same spot and using the same pose. If we currently live in the same city, then we can at least deduct that we were in the same venue and at the same time, right?. Common sense.

Social media is the worst enemy for liars. Yes, it sounds kind of rude but it expresses the reality of our social interactions of today. Seriously, if you want to hide something from somebody, DO NOT and i repeat, DO NOT hide it in social networks like Facebook, because it will simply make it more obvious and your intentions of hiding it from someone would be jeopardised in the first place. I am sure that if that person would have posted the picture at the same time as me, the objective of hiding the fact that we went together would have been accomplished.

Finally it is important to say that social media usage needs a bit of diplomacy as well. Of course that rude attitudes need some retaliation. This person went easily from friend to acquaintance. And of course, last but not least, the idiom that will apply to clumsy attitudes in life like the one explained in this post: the truth will out.

How people would see you if you lie in social media

How people would see you if you lie in social media


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