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What would a politician do?

I haven´t been really close to politics, but I’ve noticed that it can be so enriching that it can even turn into one’s passion. Although we must be clear that not everyone should be a politician, win elections or hold public office, it’s interesting for me if you start seeing the world as if you were one.

Everything in life has an aspect related to politics, and I’d like to discover that political or diplomatic view. With some help from you, dear reader, we could both create knowledge on the issue.

I guess I want to specialize myself on observing. It’s an interesting hobby to write about the things you find while walking down the street. If you like to see it otherwise -which is completely acceptable- i’m a frustrated journalist.

I have realized that in my country, people don’t pay that much attention to what happens around them in terms of politics.

They seem to think that news are told only from the house of government or ministry, or just when some government employee’s activities become an scandal…

That’s the kind of political scenario we’ve been used to enjoy. Mainly because we are still evolving on that social science.

Today, i got the urge of filling this space with visions of a city that has its own personality, but can express the reality of a world it has been inserted in.

It has streets where you find the most unforeseen situations, yet lives at its own pace not expecting anything from anyone.